Is Your Business at Risk?

Kevin Beaver, best selling author of Hacking for Dummies and Independent security consultant, discusses the top 3 requirements for your business’s security policies.

Important Notes:
Cyber insurance may cover a variety of both liability and property losses that result from a business engaging in various electronic activities, such as selling online or collecting data within its internal electronic network. Improve your security with employee training.




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Employees account for 90% of all successfully executed cyber attacks. This is where information is either stolen from employees or employees who unwittingly give away their system ID and access credentials to hackers.

The majority of successful data breaches start with a successful phishing attack. Your employees are the cybercriminals’ entry point to all the data that your business wants to protect, that’s why phishing prevention should be a critical part of protecting your business. So how strong is your employee defense against cybercriminals?

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Phishing email tests will actively test your employees and provide a report that determines which employees are your weak links and who might need more cybersecurity education training. (Guess what? That’s everyone!) Once weaknesses are identified, you can begin to ensure all employees are equipped to identify a phishing attack and respond appropriately.


90% of attacks start with your employees.

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